Pay us back for the motobike...

I had a dream last nite...financially scaryyyy~~..

I was frying kopok leko and suddely someone was calling my name and attracted to went out of the house..leaving the pan and the kopok leko and ran towards a game's a very weird game though and i couldn't recall what it was..just people hopping with colourful hot chicks..n they jumped and jumped..and no hot chicks..uuuhhh..devil..less perfection..come on..ahahahaa!!!!

then i heard a kaboomm...and a smoke on the sky..suddenly i realized that i was there leaving the kopok leko in the pan...with a full blast of fire...oh oh!! I ran towards my house and the firemen had already surrounded the place...the fire was already seized by them and i saw my friends' bike..only the scrap of metals..burnt..geseng...and all of our stuffs..

the firemen asked, "r u the owner..?"


"Owkh..good..we have done our job...careful next time.."


Then my friends came out of no where...and startled..lookin e.where and searching the remaining items and belongings left w.out burnt..and of course none of it..

"weh..tabu..what happened?U r the last person in the house aren't u"

"'s my fault..sorry for the bikes guy"

"dun worry..just pay us back all the lost" sedey n in the dream i started to calculate my saving...n my salary and i felt so poor and i ended up woke up after the 'button' ringtone i heard...n i really felt poor this morning...huhhuuu...=[.