"Pagoh..pinjam martol jap"


"martol..pinjam jap.."

"martol?apa tu?"

"laaa...kata org jawa..martol pn tak tau?tukul besi..hammer"

I took the martol and walked downstair towards my room and my other housemate, ponjot said something;

"martol?bukan martol nama saintifik dia ker?"

Waaa..I don't know about it? Is it really martol is the scientific name for hammer? Wauu..coz if it is..that means Jawa is awesome..maybe the scientist or those who scientifically named all those things in this world (who r they and what do we call them by the way?) just pick the word from us Javanese..fulamakatak..i'm so proud!!hehehe!!


Yesterday was the best office day ever. At about 11.00a.m, we received news saying that our building will have a power failure from 12.30p.m to 5.30p.m? wat?! No aircond, then server down..then wat we supposed to do?hehe..balik laaaa!!!wahahahaa!!
so, everybody started packing up and went nice!!n i've been told that the one kicked off a bit later..they ended up going down by stairs..33 floors..wahahaha!!padan muka..uii..jahat!!