Not Feeling Well=[

I enjoyed my weekend with a normal activities like the usual weekends I had had. Saturday..I spent the whole day at woke up noon..ahaha!!n off to the JUsco to buy my regular french fries of the weekend... (I didnt go to any McD's after i'm so used to fry my own fries).

bought air klapa muda..not so muda by the way..fried a bowl of the fries, performed zuhur..switched on my laptop and watched one of the movie i copied from my friend..Enemy at the Gates..old story.. The pic above..that's half of the fries..means..half kilo..another half at night.
People said eating fries..(potatoes)..nnt besar badan..emph..tak besar2 pun..comel je jugak haaa..
Sunday, went for date..mines..there are lots of changes at mines. it's such a long time since my last win shoppin there. The food court was more pay-first-give-the-receipt style of payment...I felt my head spinning..a bit, decided to have sizzling..a hot one.

Due to not having anymore thing we could do..we decided to watch movie..the last resort to spend time together..we watched Bridge of Therabithia..i wanted to watch 300..but Wawa not so into war genre, BOT is ok though..hee..but not really as expected..i mean the storyline..i was expecting a full Mythical kingdom...mythical creatures..but just 1/4 of it..yet still amusing.. (clear ur head and open ur mind widely)

Then we hang out outside the building..near the lake and decided to celebrate my birthday next week in the mines safary world..we asked the entrance fee and the bangla guard said "Rm32 sir..per person"..whoaaa..kinda expensive though. Genting just Rm30..last time i checked..but i think more worth it..2-way bus journey..2-way cable car journey and outdoor plays..hmmm..but this place..safary..not so big area..but they have a boat ride around the lake..a train ride..a white tiger..still thinking of it..but i think..we gonna try it..=]..rather than iceskating..i think it would be more fun to spend my birthday together..aint it?! head spinning and spinning..i thought of getting m.c but...well, no harm coming to the office with spinning head even a bit late..ngeee