The New record...Yeargh!!

Behold!!My new Personal Record..just another 7 points away from my goal to attain 200 points..yeaahh!!


I start my entry with a satisfying proud laugh..nge nge!! Apart of been shivering due to the coldness after i trudged along the rain last evening...the day ended with a very awesome event!!nyahahaha!!

My friend (my former colleague;1st job) invited me to bowl last night at about 11++p.m. I said, "y don't we go out earlier so we could snook before bowling..". And he said, "ok".

After I arrived home, i take a..nap or a sleep?after my maghrib prayer...woke up and prepared my maggie..uhh..i know..bad for ur health..but becoz it's so cold malas to cook, maggie then..served with 2 eggs..enuff to make my tummy full and left souvenirs in the toilet bowl..muahahaha!! At about 10.15p.m..i kicked off.

When i was crossing the junction, at the traffic light, my mind was dragged away by some thinking about my future..regarding money..=] n i didn't realized there was a city coming towards me from my back...


the driver honked me..n drove passed me..I always show the finger sign to any stupid i'm the one being i pulled the throtle at max n tried to catch up with the car..i passed by him and waved sign that i was kind of me..i know..ahaks!!

I played a frame of snooker and tried to get my tune n rythm back for my bowling and fortunately after the 2nd game, i managed to break my own personal record (187) during the 3rd game..wat a comeback..i enjoyed the night..bachelor's night..just didn't manage to complete it with a karaoke singing..ahahaha!!yeaaahhh!!!damn record!!