MY new addition of Novels

My new Collection : Jodi Picoult; My sister's keeper..lot of love to my sis..who dearly spent her money to buy it for me...

First and foremost..I would really like to convey my thanks and sincere lots of love to my sis..Sari Intan Nordiana Md Salleh for the present she air-mailed to me that just found it's way to my bedroom door last friday evening..the love is not just because she posted me the present..but it's just some special ocassion to convey my love to her in public..nga nga nga..dun worry sis..i know zid would understand..wouldn't he?he's not gonna come after me with his chula merah fists yes?!

Well, i tried to send my sis a message to inform her that the mail has been received by me..but i tried to send it more than 5 times..and for 3 days..but i always get the "message not delivered" error..i think i've typed the correct phone number because the last message i got from her was that number..and after i checked the email, it's the right number..but..dunno..maybe maxiz messed up lately..huhu!!

Hmm..i think , i have about 15 novels of my own..the one i bought it myself and a the ones from the sweet presents i got. I know..not as many as yours..but, to think of it..I might start buying a new novel every month..or after i finished reading all of the new novels i have in my keep now..hmmm..but i just got a link to an online novel..i'll try to sneak in into the web today and see whether the i-novels inside there are nice..if they are 'a-novel-for-a-month' thing i guess..hehehe!!

Hmm..due to my hopelessly lying on the whole sunday..due to fever..i dont have special thing to share..owkh..but i did go to the taman tasik titiwangsa to watch the Eye on Malaysia and have a walk, till then..stop here first..again..thanks a bunch sis..and i really feel sedey when i read ur card..=]