My ever celebrated birthday..=]

first of all..thanks to all the wishes., all who wished for my birthday..=]. I appreciate it from deep down of my heart..This entry would be entry syok sdri..about the first time ever i celebrated my birthday..=].

THe cake and my birthday present ; 5 novels and a lovely card..tq Najwa..xxooXXOO..and the ayam..the whole ayam (golden roaster)
(well, i knew she would buy me novels for my present..guess i understand her so much..know how she thinks sometimes...=])

We met at KL sentral coz Najwa have an Ayamas we ate there..a whole chicken..but for sure i was the one eating more..tukang perabih la org kata.. then we off to Sunway coz the first plan was to spend the time supposed to be our first time..but first we just watched from outside..and Najwa started to terrified..

"wat if i fall?"
"I could help u up"
" u r so terrer iceskating.."
"ha'ah kan..skali aku pn jtuh..sapa nk agkt kita..wahahaha!!"

So, after much consideration, we decided to use plan B..went to the Mines Wonderland..Rm32 per person..oh my Allah..same fee as genting..except..Genting is colder (nice), we could ride the skywalk..up and down..while..this so called wonderland..huhu..There was a brief dancing with people wearing all sorts of traditional attires..the place open at 6pm-11pm.

They said they have white tiger..a live one..but i couldn't find it..the lake cruise which they claimed 15 minutes ride was just 7-10 minutes..we were charged RM5 a pax if we wanna cruise the whole lake and get past the Palace of Golden Horses..which all the passengers agreed..but yet, we didn't get past it..while the other boat did.."lahanat la itu abang yg bawak bot..ngelat..dishonest"..(ada ms aku citer psl ini abg lahabau lain entry).Well, we rode the cruise 3 times, but the 2nd time also with that lahanat abang..n the 3rd time..during the night..with someone else but they use the shortest route coz they were so many people waiting their turns.

The best thing yg dapat mengobat hati lara membayar 32 hengget hanya la..the colourful fountain performance. the combination of water, music and's so awesome...the fountain danced colourfully following the music..the Iranese enjoyed it so much coz last nite was their new year eve..the performance was so awesome..fantabulous!!

Pic 1 :of course me..pic 2 :that's najwa... Pic 3 :that's najwa..spekless..hehe..she's more gorgeous w.out it..well at least dr mata aku la..

The only place we really satisfied going in was the ice factory..oh my cold!!!chilling cold!! Eventhough they gave us a thick sweater..(sweater ke dia pggl yg mcm eskimo tu)..but they didn't give us glove..n the fastest part getting cold was the hand cold!!I think i would never succeed if i was the one exploring the pole..huuu..Ah..n also when we watched and fed the fishes in the nk msuk main ngan ikan2 tu..Then after the last ride on the lake cruise..we went home..i drove najwa home...n conveyed the honest...sincered thanks for the day spent..=].

Aaahh..i managed to make it short and simple..=]