A vacant Week

HHuuu..It's been a while i stopped by. Guess I've something to share..hehe!!

I spent my CNY holiday at my auntie's house in Kelantan. Coincidentally, my auntie's place name is Sabak. Hahaha!!Well mine is Sabak Bernam and here i was, Sabak, Kota Baharu. I've planned to go there many times but last week is the right time i think.

It's not a smooth journey to begin with. Extra bus, lateness and a long stop in the middle due to the JPJ's inspection to make sure the passangers will arrive safely. The extra bus was a school bus which i could hardly stretch my leg and kinda numb after hours sitting inside it. I tried various kind of sitting pose to make me feel comfprtable. Reached 2 hours late (based on a guy which is used to taking the journey to the east)..

My auntie's house..I mean rent house..is not something to proud of..yet not something to shame of..coz, for me..i've been living in something far worse for 15 years..yet i still feel happy in it..for the whole time I had..=].

I didnt buy anything there..just spent the holiday like i used to..had a swim at the beach near the house with my niece and nephews...brought them to the Taman Kuarga..ate some weird klantanese food..or maybe i'm the only one claiming it weird..hehe!!Satar..first time i tried it..the Otak2 is a bit different due to the ingredient..and some nice naps with the ocean breeze played the rocka my baby song..hmm..nice..

I rounded the city with my uncle on his CC70 honda bike and went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan..but so unfortunate..we just there to enjoy the view..my heart was trembling with excitement to take a swim..but we promised my auntie that we will come home at noon coz if i were to took a bath there...it will last for hours...ehehehehe!!

I kicked off home to KL on tuesday morning..with another lateness from the Mutiara bus...and ended up reaching KL after 12 hours journey on the bus!!If another hour on it..i'm surely gonna puke myself out!!How irritating to wait for another bus so that the passenger from the respective bus could hop on to our bus and it took 2 and half hours of waiting at the Merapuh Stop..what a bullshit!!

But it really was a nice holiday spent there...a nice and normal routine life of holiday..n so hard to leave these faces...miss u all a lot!!

My auntie and her children-taken from the bus...=[

A pic-subhanAllah...

Aida and Amirul..my kubang partners

Mokcik yg baik banget...gorengkan ayam..makanan ala2 berkelah..lap her