Tuesday..swollen ankle..yet to wait

Huu..so cold..chilling cold!! I can barely feel my hands...My swollen ankle which i got as a souvenir from the futsal game last saturday night still hurt when i tried to move it agressively..which means..not only in the office i'm on the bench but my usual sepak takraw every evening need to be put aside for a while coz i'm sitting on the bench till my leg can move freely again..painlessly..=]

I've bought a new shirt for work coz i only have 4 of them..so that makes it 5..n a pair of trouser. Just a cheap one coz i dont have the passion to buy office wear which will costs me almost hundred..coz i'm not into those casual..formal wear...I just bought them coz i need to wear it to the office..if not..definitely i'm not gonna buy them..huhuhu!!

So, i bought a trouser worths Rm15, and a shirt Rm30..it's nice enuff for me. Not gonna hang around with them other than at the office aint I?

I miss the crabs cook by mom..huhuuu..I haven't had my lunch today coz i've had my breakfast n i still kinda full..so..i pass..UUU..when i had an outdoor dinner with my family last weekend at simpang Hutan Melintang Perak..the price was way cheaper than here..i bet it's gonna cost u double here with less fresh ingredients....

It's such a very long time since my last heavy work at father's palm garden..I managed to help him quite a lot (coz saturday afternoon i need ot kick off back to Kl)...dad just need to finish the last half row...thanks God i could still lift up 9-10 of them in one trip..but i felt it way heavier than it used to...i think..my strength is not as strong as it used to..need to do more push-ups. the last time i did..i managed to do 50..now..i think just 30+..huu..come on Anul!!u can do it!!