Parents..the Darndest thing??

I went home (kampung) for three days last weekend. I asked mom to cook crabs for me...the best thing about my parents now is the fact that they have a brand new way to spend their free time..ZUMA!!playing computer games..ahahaha!! I think most of u know ZUMA Deluxe and Luxor game..match the colour when the marbles keep moving towards the 'game over' hole..


: Laa..ingatkan dah asar..blum lg..meh aku la main pulak (berkata pd mak)..

: Yah...Yah!!Hmm..Hmm..geram aku ni..haaa..amik kau!!

: Ish..aduh..apa jawa ne..endi seng ijo ki..wes arek mati ki..uwala..uwalaaa ( bola ijau ni..aku dh nk mati ni...aduii)

: Hishhh..tensen la..bolanya takde yg sm warna..dah la laju..nyampah la (sebab dh level 8)

: Hieee..nyampahnya...tensen la..abanggg..mainkan mak level ni..

: sempat la nk amik brg2 dia. aduh...silap tembak lagi..makin bertambah la bola nya..tensen la..

All the dialogues have not been edited..=].serious guys!!this is the new parents of mine..uhuhu!! B4 lunch or after lunch which my mom usually take a nap, now..not anymore..ehehehe..

The washing machine at home has already broken, u can use the button but the machine wont running. my mom did ask the cost to repair it, n found out at least 300 to repair it which if u think it's better for us to buy a new one's my obligation to buy a new one for my mom. since my sis just spent 600 for her car..we decided to share money, she paid 150, and me..350..the machine cost 588, and we got it at 500 after further tawar dad decided to pay us back both 100..i said just paid back to sis..i'm cool..

People said that automatic one is easier to we decided to buy the manual one..the last two machines are manual and auto..and somehow the manual last a bit longer. this time the machine comes with 5 year-warranty for the machine..i bet that's a good favor. Hehe..i need to reconstruct my financial planning for this month..ahahaha!!


sallyn said…
awk..letak la tagboard kt blog awk neh..senang nk komen. n pakai la haloscan commentings...baru best...
tak org bru la..tagboard?haloscan tu tak tau cmne nk letak sini..huhuuu..nape lm amat tak hapdet blog awak?