Mid Valley Park Guard Memuah!!

Huu..the weekend just end with it's own stories. I spent the rest of saturday at home, doing my very routine of fryinf french fries and enjoyed it to the fullest..nothing special. Sunday..Wawa asked me out (i wasn't going to ask her out last weekend n wait..hehe..). We decided to have our usual date just at Mid Valley..yaaa..nothing special though..what do u expect?i don't have car to bring her to some place better...huhu..pity me and her...

We parted away at about 7p.m and then i realized when i was making my way to the exit that i couldn't found my bike's key..oh my Allah..where did i put them!! I searched my bag and it wasn't there and that very moment, i knew that definitely I left them at the bike seat key hole..oh my Allah!!

I run run child towards my bike and found out that it has been locked by the security..there was a huge chain with a huge solex...I went to the helmet keeper office and asked bout it..

"what's the colour? There's supposed to be a note with some kinda colour..what's da colour"

"Doesn't have. There's no note left there. I've checked twice..i think they locked it up coz i left my key at my bike"

"check it out with the security guard then"


I went to the guards who were sitting on a small desk glancing and monitoring all the bikes making their exit and coming in.

"Assalamualaikum..My bike was locked"

"where's the note?"

"There isn't any"

"U sure? I just patrolled the area and i sure i left all locked bikes with notes on every one of them"

"I'm sure. I didnt parked at a wrong place..i think it's because i left my key at my bike"

The guard checked some keys on the table and asked me my registration number. "BFY 2195", I told him. He gave me the solex key and asked me to leave my IC. "fetch ur bike and bring it here with the chain", the guard ordered me. I took the keys and rode my bike towards the desk and i felt releived that the guard has make the right decision to keep my key and chained my bike.

"Just be more careful next time. we could help if we see one..but if we didn't notice it, ur bike might already in Johor now...sign here.."

"thanks sir...Thank U so much" and i shaked his hand..

Huu..so releived..that's not the first time. aiyooo..i'm so careless..but this time the guard saved the day...my day actually..thanks park guard!!!u are the best..hehehe!!


Ayaq masak said…
Naseb baik tuh kalo aku nampak moto kau sure aku dah cilok awal2 huhuhu.
intan saleh said…
aku penah tinggal kunci kat motor (mak) aku skali.. kat pasar sabtu sabak.. ahaha!
ayaq masak :
Aku pun terasa begitu kalu nmpk org tggl kunci kt seat..kn lak legenda Z..fuuhh..tp sian tau..ko curik pn ada dealer ke nk amik brg curi kau..wahahahaha!!

Intan :
kat pasar sabak bukan setakt kunci aku pnh tertinggal..tp satu beg yg berisi surat perpindahan ke SUA ms form 2 n IC..kena curik..blik kena lempang ngan abah..ahahaha!!nsib ada org jumpa letak kat warung kopi..huhu!!