Inflation??'s Friday, n another week with a very spaced day..Still have nothing planned yet in my mind..maybe hang out with friends..or maybe with wawa..just let the weekend comes and then i decide..=]

I read a blog..ShopperMom (the link from here is IbuN2aNak2nya..check it out!!), one of her entry..the part where she gave her son 70cent to buy things during lunch break..and someone commented that sounds like this;

A boy can survived with 70 cent and yet we talk about inflation..

kinda like that..I cant get the exact picture what she means by that..but i just wanna say something bout inflation. We might realize or we might not. BUt inflation sure is striking slowly and we dont even realize that the poison is already spread along the spine of our economic condition..our way of life..

When we buy something..our inner side seldom triggered something like "goshhh..that's way too expensive". and if we did..there's nothing much we could do to make a difference. During Ramadhan..i was shocked after i asked the price of Tahu SUmbat at Param TTDI. it costed 3.50 each!!sepetak tahu tu..sumbat lebih kurang 3 inggit..uisshh..that's ridiculous!!

When u go to nando's. They will give u options for ur side order..and one of them is the sweet corn or something like that. the sweet corn is just 1/3 of the corn..which costs u RM3.50!!what a disastrous inflation!!but people keep coming, the price won't go down for sure!!

KLCC??dont even mention about it. Far more expensive to compare..fresh orange for Rm4.90?!Nasi ayam..Rm5?!aiyaaa..the price keep skyrocketing but yet we have the same salary. maybe some of us got increment..but how about the farmers?the rural areas?

We could see jambu madu (the one with the bell shape) costs Rm5 for!!it's sure is damn expensive..but farmers..the one planting them..they didn't get even 50% of the market price!!Orang Tengah yg dapat!!So pity if u really think bout it..2K is not even good enuff to support a family if any of husband or wife is not working. BOth need to work...

Inflation sure is striking..and will consume us...till we suffocated...