Guy's Night


Here's the story of a three stooges spending their bachelor night riding towards the snooker house..even we are just beginners...some crap to be shared..
Anip (SUA), Za'im (matric) and I decided to snook that night. Anip happened to be at my house coz that evening, he dropped by to play sepak takraw with me at my place. SO, instead letting him went home that night, I asked him to stay so we could 'rayau' at Param, bought Mee goreng and ice lemon tea..and went snook after that along with Za'im

Aku : Anip, nak naik moto sapa ni..minyak ko Ok?

Anip : ok..stesen minyak jauh tak sini..??

Aku : tak lah..dekat je..takpe la naik moto aku..kang ko nk balik tersadai lak

SO, we decided to use my bike...vvvrrroooommmm it goes

Aku : kn tunggu za'im kat simpang ni...

Then my bike 'mati' suddenly...I started it back at the junction...

Anip : weh..apasal?

Aku :Entah..takkan abih minyak semput lak...
(I opened the tank to check my fuel but the junction lights were not bright enough and were'nt helping at all. I started the bike again and rode towards home)

Aku : kita balik jap...zaim ke umah aku la tu nnt. cek kalu minyak abih ke..

When we reached my house, I checked my tank and it's totally empty!!

Anip : kau ada minyak tak..last2 moto kau yg kering..ahahahahaha!!bangang!!idiot!!

Then Zaim arrived and we kicked off. I rode with Anip by his bike..Along the way..I smelt a hazardous, light..but not so light smell of tahik...kind like tahik anjing..

AKu : hnsff..hnsff..(sniffing)..weh..bau taik ar kan..slalu bau sampah je kat sini (due to my area once a wastedump area)

Anip :aku bau gak..

Aku : EH..bau dia kejap ada..kejap takde...kejap ada balik

Zaim who rode at our back seems didnt smell it..that's y i mentioned it's a light but not so light smell...I started sniffing and check my slippers...and it's suspicious thing splatted on it...I thought maybe Anip's slipper..I started sniffing and finally i think i know where the smell came from...

Aku : Anip..bau taik dari helmet kau la..(sniff..sniff)..haaa..mmg dari helmet kau..urkhhhh...

Anip : Ahahaha!!baru aku ingat..mmg helmet ni balik ari tu ada bau hancing..

Aku : wahahahaha!!bangsat!ni bukan bau hancing dol!!ni bau tahik..sieyaaaallll anip..helmet bau tahik!!

Wahahahahahahahaha!!and we laughed untill we arrived at the snooker house..laughed because of the shit stuff and the empty tank...ahahahaha!!!After that we just did our stuff..snooking and sang couple of songs...karaoke...and there's our guy's night!!wahahahaha!!