2 minutes Work..ahah!!Busyannn!!

Me, with my normal routine today..playing games..copying new released..i mean..downloaded series..make my regular milo n coffee..n wait for the lunch and..for the office day to end..uhuhu!!It's quite sometimes since I last draw my own comic..ahaha!!it's not that awesome to compare with any comicians out there..just my own satisfaction..to Syukur with the gift bestowed by Him..

I'm still working on my free-given novel, Parallel Lies..an old novel..whi give a damn!!As long as i read something..but no so indulged in it..strong comnpetition with gaming and movies desire..so, reading..kinda bedtime story..uhhuuhuu..

The air-cond is damn cold..everytime i reached home..rasa tak sedap badan..cm nk demam..after a good sleep, next morning..fell Ok, then the same air-cond a day...rasa nk demam balik..aiyaaa..My ankle is slowly healed..ya..by itself..my own urut..guess this weekend i can fully jump n kick ass!!ahahaha!!!


Ayaq masak said…
Aku lukih orang lidi pun tak pass...
Orang lidi cam main hangman tu ka?uii..tipu la tak tau..wahahaha!!