Nag nag

"Practice makes perfect"
"Nobody is perfect"
**So y we need to practice..wahahahaha**

Haaa..I got those quotes yesterday in my mail box..kinda funny aint it? just link it like that brings some new meaning of the quotes. I've just done my bloghopping today..not really take me hours coz as u can see my favourite blog link list just has few links in it..some of them have a very nice stories..nagging to be shared..and some..i adore the way they write, the words they use, the sentences they arrange..adorable..I learn how to write better from their posts..=]

i'm sitting at the pantry, still nothing to be proud assignment assigned..just a brief chat with my project leader reminding me to familiarise the malaysian payroll thingy, this employee..with this salary..deducted how many percent..bla bla bla..stuff like that. I'm working on it..a little bit..ahaha!!

I've just applied my first AL for 2nd February so i could enjoy 4 days leave..hmm..nice..maybe i will balik kampung and spend the time with my family or maybe enjoy it with friends..still thinking. Topic for today still didnt crossed my mind just nagging unnecessary things here and there..compiling all the best past when i was a child to share..just wait n something interesting would be here....stay na na na!!going pray and take a nap..ahahaha!!