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>> Thursday, January 11, 2007

uuu...i failed to stay awake after subuh prayer today..felt so sleepy..Nang fen wooo..so just sat and leaned against the wall..sitting-stance sleep it was..i thought it would at least make the sleeping journey a bit less-indulging so i would manage to awake at 8a.m and do my laundry..instead i awaken at 8.15a.m. so, rushingly washed my laundry..some self-hygienes and kicked off towards the office at 8.45p.m which made me late..(9 a.m supposed to be at the office=p)but..hehe..nevermind..there's no punch card yet..nga nga nga!!

but i wasn't the only one..some of my colleagues arrived at the same time i was..hence..not bad!!ahahaa!i'm still in the middle of familiarising the malaysian payroll process. that is the task given since the beginning of the year. my supervisor asked us to familiarise it based on the country assigned to us...n still reading. not yet absorbed to any of the projects. looking forward to it..coz i wish i could visit some other countries during my career here..=]


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