Time for parents

**This's my mom's bike...She rides it so fast..!!**

Hmm...I'm going home (kampung) tomorrow. I thought i might kick-off home after work..but, i think tomorrow morning is better. Anything happens..workshops still open! I wish to swap back to my own bike after this coz it has been a month i use mom's. I miss my own bike...so, i think i'm going back to KL with her (my bike) this saturday.

I miss one of my auntie. the one secluding herself from us after her heart broken when she knew that my uncle, her husband intended to marry another one. She was divorced twice b4 she married with my uncle which younger than her..her previous Ex-husbands..one of them abused her n it's really horrible life for her untill she finally met my uncle.

They have 2 girls..n they are so close with my my family. For me, aunt is still pretty even after 3 times married..her body still maintained..but yet my uncle married another one. But my auntie did a huge mistake..borrowed money from Along which leads them a hard life trying to clear the debt..even their girls left with us for their own safety for months..and uncle knew bout it just after he married with her new bride..evrything got messed up.

Fortunately..my new auntie is a decent person..i like her as well..but i am even happier if both my auntie and my new auntie could be together..with my uncle. My uncle is a nice man though..just if u were in my auntie's shoe...u would know..maybe she feels betrayed..a years of love that she finally found..then she needs to share it with someone else..and I understand her feeling so much..Just really miss u..Auntie Ita..=[ regardless all the mistakes and the bad things about u..really..really miss u..