Thanks GOd it's Friday

Yeaa..Friday!! For an employee like me who hasn't being assigned to any project here in the office, i get my usual weekend off..unlike the rest who involved with any projects, they need to work based on the requirements and tasks..some of my friends worked for 2 consecutive weekend..pity..hee..but they will get their replacement problem!!

Not really sure wat i'm gonna do this weekend but for sure..i'm gonna buy a kg of french fries..fried it myself and enjoy them!!There's no need to pay for Rm3.70 for large frenc fries from mcDonald coz with the same amount of money..i can buy a kg of it..hehehe!!It's more worthy aint it?

I've really looking forward to buy a medium siza table, a store all the onions, potatoes, chillies..all the cooking ingredient so the kitchen would look more decent and well-managed..not like now..u know..bachelors..we use anything to store bit messy i guess. It's far worth of money if at night u cook ur own dish..just a simple fried egg..with ketchup n some a lot man..seriously..