My Childhood ::Part 2::

Me..with my own space near the pantry..glancing people passing by to refill their flusks..mugs..n counting how many times i make myself a milo..=]. Seems i'm gonna get stronger every cup i had..hehehe..

During my childhood..i faced various kinds of difficulties with my life. challenges..the trudge along the blizzard of life which when i remember it back..sometimes i cried and sometimes i smiled..The sorrowness..the Sadness when ur mom left home and stay with ur auntie for a while to clear things out between she and Dad..

The moments when dad going berserked..when i mistakenly taped the wires together which dad asked the other way..the fear when he pulled my leg and slammed my head against the cupboard..the moment he kicked my leg so i could fall on my knee when he found my slipper on the cement which he washed it yesterday and the spinning moment when he slapped with all his force after i lost my bag which contains my IC and all the form to swap school. But the best thing..i never hate him..I never disregard him as a dad..and i love him so much..
That is why..whenever youngsters nowaday involved with away from home..claiming all those behaviours due to the lack of attention from their parents..due to their father or mother always quarrel..due to the fact that their parents are so intimidating.. i think it's all bullshit!! It's u who create ur own life..u r the one who suppose to make it right..maybe not for the situation..but for ur own self.
I still remember when i once angrily said to my mother that i would run away from home after she slapped me for my mistake..guess what my mother said? "Go on!!..but make sure u never come back..coz the neighbours will start talking!!"..heee.. "go!call teledera and inform them i abuse u..go on!!"..but we (my siblings and i) never did it..coz i know all the slaps..all the beats are for my own good...My mom stop beating me when i reached 13 and my dad still beating me when i was 17..where the next day was my physic paper..and i couldn't make the last preparation because of that..but still i got A1 for physic.nothing to be proud..just luck maybe..
But maybe people said different stories come with different situation and different pressure..i know..but just think and always think twice..or even more b4 u do something disgraceful and blaming ur parents as the reason u did it!it's a coward thing to do!!