Kl Bird Park

wau..What a nice weekend i had..off day from friday till sunday but the only bad thing was the raining. I tought i could play sepak takraw for those 3 evenings..but friday and saturday evening were raining..but i cant say it was bad..no rain is far worse right? Well, at least saturday i managed to adore the nature by visiting KL bird park..dont tell me u dont know where..hehehe..It's nice coz i really love nature..here are some pics;

The Peacock..dia kembangkan ekoq gak akhirnya..payah nk pujuk ni...malu konon..nga nga nga!!

Usaha memujuk sang merak utk mengembangkan ekor utk ditangkap gambar bersama. "weh..cepat la kembang weh..cepat la..woii..baik kembangkan ekor kau..kalau tidak..weh..jgn lariiii"

NI la burung cenderawasih...dah nak pupus dah org dok batak ngan kuasa mistik dia..nnt aku citer sikit pasal ni..aku tau..ada yg tak tau kan..kan..

"ko tgok tu..macam patung la dia tenggek kat situ kan.."
"tapi kan Wa..itu mmg patung la"
Perbualan bersama Wawa yg menyangka patung ni burung betol..wahahaha!!apa punya turr la.

Ni la burung cenderawasih yg msih idup..tp bulu ekor dia tak secantik yg kena awet tadi..yg kena awet tu dah fully grown. ekor dia macam snowflakes. bunches of snowflakes

Parakeet yg makan scr berjemaah..aku nk amik gambar malu lak..nga nga nga!!

These are some of the pics..well, the main attraction here is the Cenderawasih bird..it's starting to extinct due to greedy and irresponsible people who beleived by keeping them at home..either alive or dead (awet) will bring them luck and bestows them mystical power. THe legend says taht cenderawasih is the bird of paradise..(that's the english name)..they never land and always flying or sometimes they just rest on the clouds. they also eat clouds. It has been told that even if the bird died..the body or the cropse will never rotted and always smells so nice..

It's really great to watch those birds..the proud eagle..the unique owl..the tame n clever parrot riding the small bike along the string...it's such a wonderful day. it's more worthy than the time i visited Aquaria..well aquaria is fun n nice too but the space is just too small..walk here n there..then there's the exit..not like bird park..u will walk till u grew tired..ahaha!!