menongkah arus smbil menahan air..besh!!

posing smbil meluncur..wehehehe!!

Working in KL...u need to be familiar with the traffic jam..the smoke and the blemish on ur face..traffic officer that always prioritize cars coming from the highway and it always take more than 10 minutes waiting for our turn to move..huhuhuuu..being fined by the traffic force due to parking lot not available and u just parked under some's not that bad. i ride my bike..not driving..we gonna be very skeptical to buy a car nowadays..need to think bout the jam..n also the oil price + oil consumption = more money.

I went to Gabai last saturday with 2 of my friends...lost in the middle but still arrived punctured tyre n no problems with the bikes..smooth journey..n no rain. that's the best. IT consumed about 40 minutes at most i think to reach there. I used to go there with my fellow a big group..that was really fun!!all the time spent with my floormate!!miss UPm, miss 2nd Mawar!!

it was such a long time since my last visit to the college..due to all my batch has already no one left with the same 'head' as more gaming coz the hub has been taken back by the owner which is one of my let it be one of the chapter of my life. The 3 years-3 gf streak!!ahahaha!!those were the official one..the unofficial doesn't count..nga nga nga!!

Just finished my training for today..information overload..examples that wouldnt work..and a blank idea about the whole things!!nice combo. most of my friend has already being assigned to tasks. i just wait mine...n while waiting y not just enjoy the time...cheersss!!


miss mawar??hek hek hek

erk......yup da clash...kenal ker megat?