A friday before awal muharram

Ahh..Sunday...I was at my friend's house to return some of his belongings which i borrowed from him and i borrowed his internet line for a while for this post..nge nge..Just wanna share something. Last friday..i was off..woke up at 12.55p.m and realizes\d it was friday and i need to perform my friday prayer..went up to wake up my friend and kicked off with my bike to the nearest will-be-mosque..under upgrading.

While riding..i saw an indonesian..pokcik walking towards the mosque. I stopped and offered him a lift. He smiled and hopped on. then he placed his palm on my lap..or hip (which one suitable ah?) where i placed my wallet. sincere help now become a doggy feeling..does this man own a 'toyol' that can snuck my money just by placing his hand on it?or ..or..some bad things imagined and came crossed my mind..but it ended up okay..he said thanks and walked towards the ablution room.

Then i started to realize something..that sincere help i favoured to him..will it counts by Him with that such irrelevant worrisome feeling towards that man? the thig is guys..nowadays..we really are afraid to lend our help to other who needs it..we lend our help to someone who wanna have a lift..we ended up being robbed..we lend a hand to a girl to change her tyre..we ended up being hit by her accomplice..n get robbed..a girl lend a hand to some guy for some favour, she might ended up being killed, rapped or even worse. that's the world now.

We are very afraid to lend helps. even to give some money for the needy..the thought "maybe she/he just a cunning fox who gets money with this way..n we hesitate to give any. what if he/she really needs it. she'he lost his/her wallet and he/she needs money for the ticket or taxi fare to go home...and we deny any helps to them..but..what if they just some parasites who do that for money..what if they harm us if we dont give any..

Man..the world now makes us so afraid even to do good..it's very hard now for someone to help us if we stranded in the middle of no where..wallet being abducted by irresponsible pickpocket and u have another 40km way from home...need a lift..how big is the chance for someone to stop and give u a lift and how big is the possibility that the one stopped and give u a lift will not take advantage from ur condition n hurt u or even rape n kill u if u r a women??

Human really are getting more evil n evil..n more heartless...


Hikbal Ujir said…
hurm..go point..we do help people but still people stab in our back for repaying our kindness...what such a bad phenomenon...
but our prophet pbuh encourage us to have a "good" instinct to another person and help in whatever cases which will not go beyond syaria'...we have to depend to Allah swt for any harmful which we will experience next,but make sure we ready in any cases to...Our prophet had already tought us with doa' before we going out..rite?and that doa' is for our safety which rely on Allah swt..so better to read it before going out =)