A dialogue

My colleagues contains of variety of races, indians, chinese, filipinos, ausies etc. But my batch just contains the first two. So, sometimes it happened that we talk about religion, love stories n etc. Once, my colleagues (chinese) asked one of my colleagues about this ;

"why my fellow malay friends, they didnt perform their prayer ah?they said the ablution (wudu') is very leceh..that's y they dont perform theirs"

"Haa...no la..it's just a reason. If they didnt perform their prayers is just because they dont carry out their obligation..no reason..they are malas"

"OOhh..is hasnul perform his?(my God y my name?).I never see him performing it"

"Haaa..Hasnul?he performs it la..if u notice he will leave the class for 10-15 minutes.that is when he performed it"

"OOoo..ya ka..i thought he just went out to make his drink"

Hmm..come on..it's not about me carrying out my obligation guys..haha!!It's about performing our solah..I have a friend..or friends that didn't perform their solah. They know so many things about sunnah..n a decent knowledge about islam..but yet, they abandoned the most important one..solah.

"Alaaa..org yg smyg sll cam amat tu..kuar gak ngan awek dia..pegang sana sini. Baik tak smyg"

"ko tgk edisi sekodeng tu..sume yg pakai tudung..smyg..tp buat gak maksiat..baik takyah semayang"

That's true..n cant be denied..but the problem is..y they have to see those example..y dont they open their eyes and see the good example?For me..i have my own wisdom. I'm not a good person. baik..far from that..i did many things wrong..full of sins..everyday..but yet i perform my solah (so far..alhamdulillah). n when my friend with the quote above asked me bout it..I just said..it's like the story of prophet Musa when he walked along the beach.

Nabi Musa walked along the beach one day and he saw a fish laying on the beach..on the sand..it's body covered with all the sands everywhere..then it struggled to move towards the ocean. the wave washed all the sands and it became clean again. But then again it washed by the wave towards the beach and covered with sands all over it..and again it moved towards the ocean so the wave again washed it clean. the fish kept doing it again and again.

That reflects us..human..a simply normal human..we did a lot of thing we regretted..a lot of sins then we find a way to clean ourselves..then we forget to keep being a decent person, we make all the mistakes again..even bigger but yet then..we try to clean ourselves. For me, i'm just like the fish..no matter how many things..sinful things i did..i tried to obey His words..coz i know one day maybe he will bestow me his Rahmat n hidayah so i can forever obey his words..Solah is our soul food. It's just like u eat everyday. No one say u are a good person if u eat everyday..meaning..if u perform ur solah..u r not a good person yet..coz u just doing a normal thing..but people will say u r a good person if u eat ur lunch etc, n u never waste any. same applies here. After performing ur solah if u obey His words, u do something else such as sedekah..reading Qur'an that maybe u r a good person.

to sum up..just dont abandon ur solah no matter how big ur sins are..how awful things u have done..coz u will always be on the right path n someday He will bestow his Rahmah upon U..


intan saleh said…
apa ko tak ckp kat kwn ko tu: wei mangkuk, mamat tu pegang2 awek dia pun at least dia semayang.


seriyes la.. peduli la apa org tu buat, solat tu hak Allah. apa dierg besar sgt ke nak nafi hak Allah? isk3..
weh..mana leh cakap macam tu..kalu aku cakap macam tu..nnt kwn aku cakap, "hmmphh..smyg camtu tak guna gak..baik cam aku..sama gak.."

kn different approach utk difrnt org kan..cm kwn aku tu..mmg tahap dh sebati sgt tk smyg..huhu..
intan saleh said…
ye la, maksud aku, even buat benda maksiat lain, at least dia dh tunaikan tanggungjwb yang satu tu. Allah terima ke tak, tu bukan urusan kita. so in a way tak boleh la ckp "semayang cemtu pun tak guna gak"

so ko guna approach cenne org cemtu?
lebih kurg cam ko ckp td.tp sebab kwn aku ni latar blkg sekolah agama la katakan..byk tau benda..so dia rasa selagi dia tak betul2 baik..better lepas dah insaf baru dia smyg..bangang!!

so aku cakap la..smyg tu cam ko makan nasi la bangang!org tak kt ko baik kalu ko mkn nasi..cm yg blog aku tulis la..
bg aku smyg tu benda wajib..tuhan bg pahala tu pun kira baik la dia tu. lain la sedekah yg lain2 tu..itu mmg ptut diberi pahala..tp smyg..itu macam kredit time kita kat kolej..ye dak?
hehe..neway..kwn aku tu tau..ada skali aku sj tegur..dia gi smyg..hahaha!!bangang!kalu ramai2 gi surau time outing..tau malu..smyg lak..hahaha