Today is wednesday..two more days than it's holidays..or precisely off days..hehehe..I came late..again..n again failed to fulfill the resolution to stay awake after subuh prayer..cannot la..arrived at about 9.30 a.m.Thanks to the no-punchcard system..hehehe..

It was so crowded in the training room today due to most of all the will-be-consultants are sitting inside here with some of them with a project to completed, testing to be finished and nothing to be something ..the last one is me..ahahaha!!so, the management asked us the 'nothing' one to sit nest to the pantry with the bar-like-table coz we need to give the priority to the one with projects to be here i am sitting just next to the pantry..or should i say part of the's already my 2nd glass of milo..nice!!ahaahaha!!

I've decided to visit my auntie who lives at Kelantan..i never been there..and she keep asking when and i'm going there this upcoming chinese new year holiday..4 days..i think that's enough..If i were to applied my AL, they need to prioritize the request from the fella chinese coz it's their raya..=].So, i just stick with the 4's enough i think. Najwa bought the ticket 4 me. But unfortunately 16th sold out. She bought the extra bus ticket..a school bus they said..i think it will be the not-so-fun journey for my first time to visit the east-coast..=].Looking forward to it..looking forward..ehehehe..


Hikbal Ujir said…
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Hikbal Ujir said…
im maybe a stranger but nothing to be enemy with =),anyway..where to go mate,good luck in the journey and happy posting...