>> Thursday, January 25, 2007

After a very routine of mine in the office, at 12 noon..my friend and I went to our regular nasi kukus stall to have our lunch..err..his lunch actually coz i've had my breakfast, Nasi lemak (rarely..very rarely i would have my breakfast)..ended up still full..and just had a glass of teh o ais limau...

along the way, we realized something that we never saw beore..n here it is before us..an armory shop!! I dunno..but me?I never see an armory shop here in Malaysia except in the movies..US country n sort of..Kinda cool..coz if u can see from the picture above..just look how many numbers the phone number for the shop are..ahaha!!six numbers!!damn long time it never been updated ain't it?hehehe!!

Well, maybe most of the customers are the rangers, or some people with license who always involve with the "shooting crows" project..some farmers who buy some bullets..spread bullets to shoot monkeys and boars..heee..but it really is the first ever armory shop i see...=p


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