3 day-work week

1st Feb is Federal day..eventhough KL is not entitled for Thaipusam leave..but still we have federal Day..ehehe..my AL for 2nd Feb has been approved..kicked off to kampung then..heee..which means, i only work for 3 days this week..hmm..nice..kikiki.. Last weekend was quite fun. Nothing much on saturday..woke up at 3p.m..wat a looongg sleep bought my regular french fries..fried and enjoyed.
On SUnday..due to my gf hesitation to ask me out (ahaha..ok..i'm difrnt ait..y only guy need to ask gal out..u r a couple..give n take..when u ask him out, it means u really miss him..a metaphore..ahaha..=]), I decided to enjoy my time at home b4 my friend asked me out to play bowl. SO, Bangi..warta Bangi..we had 3 games...i lose..arrr..since we played..i think..this is the 3rd time i lost..yaa..that means..i always win!!ahahaha!!

After that i asked him to play snooker with me. my friend has play snooker for a long time..plus the fact that i just started to play this sport months ago..i dont think i can beat him..but i won!!ahaha!!Played sepak takraw in the evening after that..and at night..my other friend asked me to play snooker again..yeahhh...that really is a full-activity-Sunday..ehehehe...kinda fun n i felt it's better than other weekends doing nothing.

Looking at the picture above..damn small i feel i am..damn lack of skill