Care Day - what a useful & informative day

This week's entry update is a slow one. Well, I still haven't receive my warranty hardisk replacement yet. Processing the pictures in the laptop is kinda slow. Erm, actually still quite fast but I'm not doing just one thing at a time, I surf and watch movie at the same time. So in a precise manner, the laptop just can't cope with the multi tasking..hahahaha

Last Wednesday the entire staff didn't go the office. We had a care day that was held at Sheraton Imperial. Well, lucky for me a day before, my contractor colleague reminded me about the care day. I knew about the Wednesday Care Day but I thought it would be held at the office..hahaha. I would have been the only guy going to the office that day if not for him.

I lost my way for a bit because I thought the Shangrila was the Sheraton that I wanted to go to. Hahaha!! So I had to make a U-turn around my pavilion area and stopped by the road to check the google map. Oh~~ it was just a km away from Shangrila actually.

Parked, and the first thing to do was to register and I received a door-gift, like a raincoat bag. Inside were a towel with my company logo embroided on it,  a coupon to redeem either a personal alarm with a torch-light function, an alarmed door-holder or a pepper spray. I really interested with the pepper spray thinking Cembam could get used of it. But after further thinking, taking into consideration that it's not that easy to even pull it out of the handbag in a real emergency incident. So I chose the alarmed door-holder. I place it on my main door hoping when I heard the alarm, I could have the time to open my master bedroom window, crawl out from the bed and walk on the roof to somewhere the thief could hardly chase us and start shouting for help. But I always pray I dont have to do such act though. And we also got, a towel, a stretch rope and a boost drink voucher.

Okay, first morning session was a healthy life talk by Kevin Zahri. I kinda read or saw him in the television so when the name mentioned, I kinda know how he looks like. If you ask me, hmmm he looks Germany from his left side and looks malay on his right side. Hehehehehe. He talked about how to control your diet and how you can eat and consume your daily calorie based on your need to gain weight or lost weight. But the talk focus more on losing weight because our company's 2010 stat showed that 42% of us are fat. Hahahahaha!!!

We also had a short light exercise with the stretch rope given by the trainers. I learned from Kevin some simple exercise that you can do with your partner. Simple steps, yet giving you this 'urghhh' feeling on part of your bodies everytime you do it. Hope I can do them with Cembam. hehehe.

After Kevi's slot finished, we had our lunch and forgot about all those calorie count and just ate and ate. Hahahaha!! Oh and I managed to take a photo with him and asked him about how I can gain weight. But the answer is to hit the gym, play with the steel coz it's how you train your body and let your body knows that we it to grow up and get bigger. Hmm..gym..?? I don't have the time for it. Like seriouslyyy~~~

The second slot is about security and safety given by Captain Bala. Perghhh!!! seriously informative and there's no room to get sleepy!!! A very great presentation and it's like we didn't get to know more and we were wanting moreee!! 

Captain Bala showed us some photos that some might find them disturbing, but you had to swallow that down to your spine because that's the real deal!! It was how the truth out there is about. Government might say that our country is safe, but 1987 was actually the first phedo case and not Nurin Jazlin. The thing is, not all news are being reported because we still want all those blonde foreigners to come and visit our country without having to have AK-47 with them. No?

Capt. Bala shared how tiny things could decrease 1% chance of our security being jeopardized. Not all crimes are successful. Some were thwarted and unsuccessful because of some little things like alarm, light, lamp and etc. He shared lots of things. Let me list some that I still remember;

1. If a criminal asked you to show your hands to be tied, make sure to put your hand side by side with your knuckle facing up and not top-bottom position. It's to ensure blood circulation goes well when you were tied
2. Know the phone number of a person that can come to your place in less than 5 minutes (well, if you have any)
3. Call the nearest IPD and not 999. Faster!!
4. Having a healer at home is an advantage. When you heard something outside, or downstairs and confirmed somebody is trying to break in, ON the healer (the alarm) and hopefully they would be surprised and flee from your place
5. Never face the lift when you were waiting, but stand sideway so you can see anyone from your back and your hand can easily press the alarm button
6. If you take a cab/taxi, CALL anyone who is waiting you at the destination. If there's none, just pretend. Tell him/her the taxi colour, the plate number, the race of the driver, how long you estimate to arrive and any other than information that you found useful. If you just text, the taxi driver wont know. Yes, anything happened, police can checked your last message and try to locate the criminal. But we want to try NOT MAKING IT HAPPEN. If you call, it might scare off the taxi driver when they listen to it knowing somebody knows you are in his taxi.

There are lots more tips he shared with us. Seriously beneficial to us!! Ok..stay safe everyone!!


zonaku said…
I did #3, and it's damn true. The 999 do not even bother to provide you with the number, or let you know the nearest IPD.

#6, I practiced when I accompanied my friend on a blind-double date. but never when taking a cab. should start practicing soon..

Wak Gelas™ said…
tenkiu for the tip yee..
anwar said…
bro, try la minta slide.. utk sharing :)
HEMY said…
anwar, dia tak bagi la slide tu..huuhu