Xiyad the little brawler

During our raya holiday at my in-law last few weeks, Xiyad seems to have a liking towards my youngest brother in-law, Ekal. At first Ekal was not so fond towards little kid. I remember there was a toddler trying to play with him when we paid a visit to one of our relative and he just ignored the little fella.

Aidilfitri 2012

But when Xiyad came into our life, Ekal was slowly getting used to having a small nephew. Hehehehe. At first he would only help with fetching some things for us, and slowly he's now holding xiyad in his arms..hehehehe!!!

And Xiyad seems to be so happy while around him. Xiyad is like having a peer fella to play with him. When Xiyad was preoccupied with something, and Ekal was in his line of sight, Xiyad would quickly lifted his head and started to crawl towards him. Hahahahaha

Aidilfitri 2012

Xiyad would brawl with Ekal to his heart content. Just look at the pictures!! Hahahaha!!


k.e.r.i. said…
adik Cembam yang ko bawak masa kenduri Aima tu eh?
zonaku said…
suka betul dia ngan poksu ekal....... bagus2!
HEMY said…
haah keri..si ekal ni lah

zonaku, besar sket leh bawak gi men bola
daddydee said…
Wah dah lesak. Hehehe

Masy said…
suke ngak diaaa dgn poksu.. bagus bagus hehehhe