A new name for my blog??

Weeks before, one day when I was lazing around on my mattress, I thought of changing my blog name. "Trudge Along my Nothingness" is actually the second name of my blog after I changed it from "Itching Fingers". It was after 3 months of blogging I decided to change it. 

I  chose to use TrudgeAlongMyNothingness when at that point of time I feel like I'm a very minute being trying to live my life in this world, establishing my career, my love journey and everything. In a way, I felt so insignificant. That's when I think TrudgeAlongMyNothingness or in malay "Berjalan dengan payah sepanjang hidup yang tidak ada apa-apa" is the best name for my blog. 

I didn't have any reader at that time, any blog friends, I was just being hired by the company which I know less about it, I just have my Benaffey that could only run 90km/h,I didn't have laptop, digital camera and so lots more. It's a very suitable name for my blog. 

So I trudge along my path to achieve and taste a bit of achievement, acknowledgment, love and lots more. Slowly my blog attained some readers. Albeit of the fact that those first readers haven't being here anymore, I gain more and more friends. The same goes to my life. I bought a set of DSLR which at the beginning I thought it was just a wild never-gonna-be-accomplished dream, I have my Wardina (a 150 FZ bike), the company gave me a laptop, I have a car and I have a wife who is sooo understanding, she makes less fuss to compare with the rest of the girls out there. 

It came across my mind one day to change my blog name because my life has more than a thing. It's not a mere nothingness that I've tasted before. I even shared the thought with my best friend Ayman. And his response was "betul beb". 

But then, I came back from the office to know that my DSLR and my company laptop have been stolen. Crushed and felt so heavy under my butt, I was completely struck by the fact that I've just lost my 3 years of effort. It's a heavy punch right to my balls. 

Hence, the intention to change my blog name, remains a thought. Maybe later when I managed to get rid of the memory (which I think so impossible at the time being) of owning my 'dream', I would change it to something else..

This is what it means by trudging


joegrimjow said…
its all about journey forever =)
Pocket said…
but bro,
we know u well by that name,
yes its not related to what u are now..
but if u change it..
then i may skip the usual 'trudge along my nothingness's new post in my bloglist.
cause u'r using a new name and all.

kalau pocket buleh tukar nama,
pocket nak tukar kepada yg ada hujung 'li'
heheheh.. baru buleh pakai suar lee cooper n bangga wit the name :D
janganlah tukar~
dah sinonim dengan kamu~
cuba ku tukar nama blog ku?
org tak jumpa dah kot?

Anonymous said…
yalah. aku kenal blog ko dengan tema tu gak. mula2 aku x kenal pon nama ko tp aku ingat tema tu.

HEMY said…
hehehe..stick with it joe

pocket, the url would be the same...just the name of it. but after reading ur comment.might be sticking with it

zara,kalau tak tukar url just tukar nama, sama je kan..ehehehe
HEMY said…
wah..ko tak kenal nama tapi ingat trudgealongmynothingness yg pnjg ni??terharu aku kapten
green said…
i had the same thought, then i just ignore bout it, reading ur post reminds me back about the thought to change my blog name..alaa, kn pkir..i hate u..huhu
Masy said…
tak kisah la nk tukar pon it's ur blog. klu ada ubuh nama aku lagi best tu hahaha
zella y said…
nk tukar ke??
rs2nya aku suka nama ni hahah..
xpela..klu nak tukar bgtau tau...
nanti tetibe xde...mane lah aku nk cr blog best ni...

sorry lama xsinggah...modem kat opis rosak.. ;(
HEMY said…
green, ngeh ngeh...ye ah teringat balik

masy, bagi la cadangan..Masy si kumbang api??ahahaha

zella y : alamak blushing la kata blog best..besa je haaa
CAHAYA said…
nama yang skang ni dah best.
Kniedaz said…
dah best tu..dlm hidup kdg2 kena gak trudge sebelum lari lompat etc...
Mak Su said…
maybe later later can change name one... :)

trudge itu adalah berjalan kaki di dalam salji yang separas pinggang, ouhhh, sangatlah payah perjalanannya, lenguh tu....
zahidah dihaz said…
la...ni ke story disebalik new name for my blog?
ari tu tak sempat nak baca..buzy memangjang....
tak payah tukar la...
kalau tukar nanti saya pening bila masa saya follow blog yang nama baru tu? =P