Java fries!!

I bought reader's digest yesterday. I got free November 2008 issue. So I guess it's worth the 15 bucks after months of nothing to read. Well, actually no time to read. I even asked the uncle to give me a receipt. Hehe..You know why? Coz I just finished submitting me EB form for the tax calculation to LHDN and I always forgot that there's RM700 exemption for books and I just know that there's also RM300 exception for sports equipment. Where did my NIke shoe receipt??!!. But, I am not yet eligible for any amount of tax deduction like last year...pheewwww..

Owkh..I just logged into RD web and subscribe it for a year..ahahaha!! I'm interested with the free gift - back massager...hehehe..I can put it on my seat during my driving..yeahh..Not an advertisement, RD is a good start for those who wants to learn simple english.

Last night I managed to watch the last episode of Kasanova XXL. SO funny la the ending. That character Nikko is damn well-played by the actor. We got irritated with his act man..We, means my whole housemates..ehehe!! I rode my bike so fast..well fast enough for Benaffey which is 80km/h..ahaha!!!damn I need a new 'wife' after my tennis session.

I was hungry, so I fried the banana that I bought from my hometown last SUnday. It's supposed to be fried when it's not ripe yet. But only a day, the banana is already ripe. Have you try unripe fried banana?? It's a common dish for org kampung like me. A ripe banana is usually fried covered with the flour, but the unripe one we fry it just like that.

When I was in my secondary school which I couldn't recall in which age I was, I decided to creatively cut the banana in a new form rather than the usual one mum did and it was a fantastic creation. After I invented it, there's never a leftover. It's a kick if you eat it with sambal belacan or just with sugar. Wanna try?

Pisang goreng abu ala french fries. maybe leh panggil java fries!!