Congrats Marlena and Zuhri!!!

I first met marlena during Arinso's bowling tournament and Zuhri when I was going to perform my prayer at TH Perdana's surau along with Ayman. From there, our friendship blossomed bit by bit.

Marlena always laughed whenever I make jokes. I'm not sure whether sometimes she just laughed to make me feel funny or else..ehehe..but she is a nice fella. Zuhri and I seems so different. You can say between him and I is like a teenager and a full-grown man...ahahaha!!!

On 26th of August, Marlena safely giving birth to her first hero - Mohamed Zaffar. Weighted 2.78kg through C-sect, she was looking fine when we visited her last Thursday. Her mom was there as well with the same itchy feeling to see the baby.

Zuhri brought us to the 2nd floor and asked the nurse the permission for us to check him out at the waiting corner. SO there he soft, I was so afraid to touch his cheek with my finger..I couldn't use a flash to snap his I do my best with my 50mm lense. Arghh..I want one of my ownnnn!!!

May Allah bless your family Marlena and hopefully Zaffar will be your sunshine of your life lighten up your gloomy house (not that I've been to your house yet)...hehe!! Congrats again!!!